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AMD Announced it Exceeded Its Six-Year Goal to Deliver 25 Times Improvement in Mobile Processor Energy Efficiency

AMD has surpassed its 25x20 goal set in 2014 to improve the energy efficiency of its mobile processors 25 times by 2020. The new AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H mobile processor improves on the energy efficiency of the 2014 baseline measurement by 31.7 times. It offers superior performance and environmental benefits including improved battery life and lower energy costs. AMD claims the achievement will lead to significant user benefits including improved battery life, better performance and reduced environmental impact from computing.

“We have always focused on energy efficiency in our processors, but in 2014 we decided to put even greater emphasis on this capability,” said Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer and executive vice president, Technology and Engineering at AMD. “Our engineering team rallied around the challenge and charted a path to reach our stretch goal of 25 times greater energy efficiency by 2020. We were able to far surpass our objective, achieving 31.7 times improvement leading to gaming and ultrathin laptops with unmatched performance, graphics and long battery life. I could not be prouder of our engineering and business teams.”

Energy efficiency of processors is determined by the amount of work performed per unit of energy consumed. AMD reduced average compute time for a given task by 80% from 2014 to 2020, while also achieving an 84% reduction in energy use. An enterprise that upgrades 50,000 AMD laptops from 2014 models to 2020 models would achieve five times more computing performance and reduce associated laptop energy consumption by 84%. Over a three-year service life, this amounts to saving approximately 1.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 971,000 kg of carbon emissions.

AMD has achieved its 25x20 energy efficiency goal which not only delivers a stronger user experience but also solidifies AMD's leadership in sustainability. AMD was the first semiconductor company to have its climate protection goals approved as a "science-based target" by the Science Based Targets initiative.

“Stewardship of our planet can go hand-in-hand with developing powerful technology and helping our customers achieve their aims,” said Susan Moore, corporate vice president for corporate responsibility and international government affairs at AMD. “The power efficiency improvements we have made within our laptop processors make a difference in the world around us. Reporting publicly each year on progress and ultimately achieving, and surpassing, the 25x20 energy efficiency goal reflects AMD’s commitment to sustainable technology.”

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