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📊 Earning reports for the week beginning April 27th, 2020

Here are the most anticipated earning reports for this week:

Earnings report for week beginning April 27th, 2020

CHKPCheck PointMonday, April 27 (before market open)
CNXCNX Resources CorpMonday, April 27 (before market open)
AMGAMGMonday, April 27 (before market open)
CMSCMS EnergyMonday, April 27 (before market open)
NXPINXP SemiconductorsMonday, April 27 (after market close)
AREAlexandria Real Estate Equities IncMonday, April 27 (after market close)
CINFCincinnati FinancialMonday, April 27 (after market close)
BROBrown & Brown IncMonday, April 27 (after market close)
CECelaneseMonday, April 27 (after market close)
UHSUniversal Health ServicesMonday, April 27 (after market close)
PKGPCAMonday, April 27 (after market close)
FFIVF5Monday, April 27 (after market close)
SANMSanminaMonday, April 27 (after market close)
PIImpinjMonday, April 27 (after market close)
TVTelevisaMonday, April 27 (after market close)
NOVNOVMonday, April 27 (after market close)
AVTAvnetMonday, April 27 (after market close)
PPGPPGMonday, April 27 (after market close)
PFGPrincipal FinancialMonday, April 27 (after market close)
MRKMerckTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
CATCaterpillarTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
HOGHarley-DavidsonTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
CNCCenteneTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
NUENucorTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
OMCOmnicom GroupTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
LUVSouthwestTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
XRXXeroxTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
UPSUPSTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
YNDXYandexTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
MMM3MTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
CMICumminsTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
PEPPepsiCoTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
SANBanco SantanderTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
ECLEcolabTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
GLWCorningTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
PFEPfizerTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
AXEAnixterTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
PIIPolarisTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
ZBRAZebra TechnologiesTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
TRUTransUnionTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
DHID.R. HortonTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
TALTAL Education Group ADRTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
DTEDTETuesday, April 28 (before market open)
ROKRockwell AutomationTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
TROWT. Rowe PriceTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
SIRISiriusXMTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
IQVIQVIATuesday, April 28 (before market open)
MSCIMSCITuesday, April 28 (before market open)
ROPRoper TechnologiesTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
SPGIS&P GlobalTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
NVSNovartis AGTuesday, April 28 (before market open)
AMDAMDTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
DXCMDexComTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
CERNCernerTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
CSGPCoStar Group IncTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
AKAMAkamaiTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
MXIMMaxim IntegratedTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
BXPBoston PropertiesTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
PAYCPaycomTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
WATWatersTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
MASIMasimoTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
JNPRJuniper NetworksTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
CHEChemed CorpTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
EHCEncompass Health CorpTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
MRCYMercury Systems IncTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
EEFTEuronet WorldwideTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
THGHanover InsuranceTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
KBRKBRTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
FEYEFireEyeTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
BYDBoyd GamingTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
MTHMeritage Homes CorpTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
IRBTiRobotTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
OIOwens-IllinoisTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
HSBCHSBCTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
MDLZMondelez InternationalTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
SBUXStarbucksTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
RRDRR DonnelleyTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
FFord MotorTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
GOOGAlphabetTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
CYHCHSTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
AMXAmérica MóvilTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
OKEONEOKTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
CHRWC.H. RobinsonTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
VALEValeTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
TXTerniumTuesday, April 28 (after market close)
ADPADPWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
SHWSherwin-WilliamsWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
GDGeneral DynamicsWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
BABoeingWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
NSCNorfolk SouthernWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
VLOValero EnergyWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
NOCNorthrop GrummanWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
MAMastercardWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
EPDEnterprise ProductsWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
HUMHumanaWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
ANTMAnthemWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
GEGeneral ElectricWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
YUMYum! BrandsWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
APRNBlue ApronWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
EATBrinkerWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
CADECadence BanCorpWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
SAHSonic AutomotiveWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
SUMSummit Materials IncWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
RRyderWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
SLABSilicon LabsWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
OCOwens CorningWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
OSKOshkoshWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
STSensata TechnologiesWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
BSACBanco Santander ChileWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
AVYAvery DennisonWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
HASHasbroWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
MASMascoWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
GRMNGarminWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
LHLabCorpWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
MKTXMarketAxess Holdings IncWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
GIBCGIWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
CMECME GroupWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
AMTAmerican TowerWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
AZNAstrazeneca PLCWednesday, April 29 (before market open)
VRTXVertex PharmaceuticalsWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
CCICrown CastleWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
NOWServiceNowWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
ADMArcher-Daniels-MidlandWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
BMRNBioMarin Pharmaceutical IncWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
ALGNAlign TechnologyWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
TDOCTeladoc Inc.Wednesday, April 29 (after market close)
DREDuke Realty CorpWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
HOLXHologic IncWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
RJFRaymond James FinancialWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
NLYAnnaly CapitalWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
MPWMedical Properties Trust IncWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
URIUnited RentalsWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
PTCPTCWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
SCIService Corp IntlWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
PPCPilgrim'sWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
CREECreeWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
CHDNChurchill DownsWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
JBTJBTWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
OLNOlin CorpWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
ISBCInvestors Bancorp IncWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
CNMDCONMEDWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
SXTSensient Technologies CorpWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
AINAlbany International CorpWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
MXLMaxLinearWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
RIGTransoceanWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
MTDRMatador Resources CoWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
QEPQEP Resources IncWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
QCOMQUALCOMMWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
HIGThe HartfordWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
AFLAflacWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
DBDeutsche BankWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
FBFacebookWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
MSFTMicrosoftWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
TSLATeslaWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
AGNCAGNC InvestmentWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
EBAYeBayWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
EVAEnvivaWednesday, April 29 (after market close)
TXTTextronThursday, April 30 (before market open)
MMCMarsh & McLennan Cos IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
CMCSAComcastThursday, April 30 (before market open)
CXCemexThursday, April 30 (before market open)
AALAmerican AirlinesThursday, April 30 (before market open)
GTGoodyearThursday, April 30 (before market open)
SWKStanley Black & DeckerThursday, April 30 (before market open)
MCDMcDonaldsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
SOSouthernThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TWTRTwitterThursday, April 30 (before market open)
KKellogg'sThursday, April 30 (before market open)
ARWArrow ElectronicsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
PHParker-HannifinThursday, April 30 (before market open)
IPInternational PaperThursday, April 30 (before market open)
CICignaThursday, April 30 (before market open)
MOAltriaThursday, April 30 (before market open)
COPConocoPhillipsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
OSTKOverstock.comThursday, April 30 (before market open)
BAXBaxter InternationalThursday, April 30 (before market open)
RFPResolute Forest ProductsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
ORBCORBCOMMThursday, April 30 (before market open)
WCCWESCOThursday, April 30 (before market open)
FLWS1-800-Flowers.comThursday, April 30 (before market open)
FBPFirst BanCorp.Thursday, April 30 (before market open)
MTORMeritor IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
DANDanaThursday, April 30 (before market open)
SIXSix FlagsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
VCVisteonThursday, April 30 (before market open)
HGVHilton Grand Vacations IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
SPBSpectrum BrandsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TPXTempur SealyThursday, April 30 (before market open)
LAZLazardThursday, April 30 (before market open)
GRAGraceThursday, April 30 (before market open)
HBIHanesbrandsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
BCBrunswickThursday, April 30 (before market open)
EMEEMCORThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TPRTapestryThursday, April 30 (before market open)
NLSNNielsenThursday, April 30 (before market open)
IDAIDACORP IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
DNKNDunkin Brands Group IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
PNRPentair PLCThursday, April 30 (before market open)
GNRCGenerac Holdings IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
LKQLKQThursday, April 30 (before market open)
PRGOPerrigoThursday, April 30 (before market open)
NVCRNovocure LtdThursday, April 30 (before market open)
ABMDABIOMEDThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TECHBio-Techne CorpThursday, April 30 (before market open)
BENFranklin ResourcesThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TAPMolson CoorsThursday, April 30 (before market open)
LNGCheniere Energy IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
BBDBanco Bradesco ADRThursday, April 30 (before market open)
TFXTeleflex IncThursday, April 30 (before market open)
CHDChurch & DwightThursday, April 30 (before market open)
WLTWWillis Towers WatsonThursday, April 30 (before market open)
IDXXIDEXXThursday, April 30 (before market open)
ETNEatonThursday, April 30 (before market open)
KHCKraft HeinzThursday, April 30 (before market open)
MCOMoody'sThursday, April 30 (before market open)
ILMNIlluminaThursday, April 30 (after market close)
TEAMAtlassianThursday, April 30 (after market close)
PSAPublic StorageThursday, April 30 (after market close)
SGENSeattle GeneticsThursday, April 30 (after market close)
RMDResMed IncThursday, April 30 (after market close)
FTVFortiveThursday, April 30 (after market close)
ATUSAltice USAThursday, April 30 (after market close)
AJGGallagher InsuranceThursday, April 30 (after market close)
SSNCSS&C Technologies Holdings IncThursday, April 30 (after market close)
CXOConchoThursday, April 30 (after market close)
ZENZendeskThursday, April 30 (after market close)
COGCabot Oil & GasThursday, April 30 (after market close)
EMNEastmanThursday, April 30 (after market close)
FBHSFortune BrandsThursday, April 30 (after market close)
PRAHPRA Health Sciences IncThursday, April 30 (after market close)
GLPIGaming and LeisureThursday, April 30 (after market close)
NATINational InstrumentsThursday, April 30 (after market close)
TNDMTandem Diabetes CareThursday, April 30 (after market close)
STAGSTAG IndustrialThursday, April 30 (after market close)
MTZMasTecThursday, April 30 (after market close)
NCRNCRThursday, April 30 (after market close)
BLDRBuilders FirstSource IncThursday, April 30 (after market close)
SWNSouthwestern EnergyThursday, April 30 (after market close)
NPTNNeoPhotonicsThursday, April 30 (after market close)
NOKNokia OyjThursday, April 30 (after market close)
XUnited States SteelThursday, April 30 (after market close)
GILDGileadThursday, April 30 (after market close)
EIXEdisonThursday, April 30 (after market close)
AMGNAmgenThursday, April 30 (after market close)
MGMMGM ResortsThursday, April 30 (after market close)
AAPLAppleThursday, April 30 (after market close)
WDCWestern DigitalThursday, April 30 (after market close)
MOHMolina HealthcareThursday, April 30 (after market close)
INTWorld FuelThursday, April 30 (after market close)
AMZNAmazonThursday, April 30 (after market close)
UALUnited AirlinesThursday, April 30 (after market close)
SYKStrykerThursday, April 30 (after market close)
VVisaThursday, April 30 (after market close)
WHRWhirlpoolThursday, April 30 (after market close)
HONHoneywellFriday, May 01 (before market open)
HUNHuntsmanFriday, May 01 (before market open)
CVXChevronFriday, May 01 (before market open)
ABBVAbbVieFriday, May 01 (before market open)
XOMExxon-MobilFriday, May 01 (before market open)
ELESTĒE LAUDERFriday, May 01 (before market open)
PSXPhillips 66Friday, May 01 (before market open)
PCGPG&EFriday, May 01 (before market open)
CLColgate-PalmoliveFriday, May 01 (before market open)
JCIJohnson ControlsFriday, May 01 (before market open)
BERYBerry GlobalFriday, May 01 (before market open)
NWLNewell BrandsFriday, May 01 (before market open)
HRCHill-Rom Holdings IncFriday, May 01 (before market open)
WPCWP Carey IncFriday, May 01 (before market open)
WYWeyerhaeuserFriday, May 01 (before market open)
LYBLyondellbasellFriday, May 01 (before market open)
QSRRestaurant Brands InternationalFriday, May 01 (before market open)
CLXCloroxFriday, May 01 (before market open)
AONAonFriday, May 01 (before market open)
CHTRCharter CommunicationsFriday, May 01 (before market open)

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