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📊 Earning reports for the week beginning June 29th, 2020

📊 Earning reports for the week beginning June 29th, 2020

Monday, June 29

SymbolNameEPS Estimated
RMBLRumbleOn Inc.-3
TKATTakung Art Co. Ltd.-
RDIBReading International Inc-
ATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc.-
AXASAbraxas Petroleum Corporation-
CBATCBAK Energy Technology, Inc.-
MSNEmerson Radio Corporation-
GTECGreenland Technologies Holding Corporation-
NAOVNanoVibronix Inc.-
SGRPSPAR Group Inc.-
EDNTEdison Nation, Inc.-
NWGINewgioco Group, Inc.-
THGHanover Insurance2.03
PPHIPositive Physicians Holdings, Inc.-
FORDForward Industries Inc.-
JRSHJerash Holdings (US), Inc.0.06
ROSEURosehill Resources Inc. Unit-
CUKCarnival Plc ADS ADS-
SORLSORL Auto Parts Inc.-
PNRGPrimeEnergy Corporation-
CNETChinaNet Online Holdings Inc.-
RAVERave Restaurant Group Inc.-
CTIBCTI Industries Corporation-
LLEXLilis Energy Inc.-0.13
LWAYLifeway Foods Inc.-
KGJIKingold Jewelry Inc.-
GLGBat Group, Inc.-
DLPNDolphin Entertainment Inc.-0.05
VISLVislink Technologies, Inc.-
PLAGPlanet Green Holdings Corp.-
EYESSecond Sight Medical Products Inc.-0.41
PBIOPressure BioSciences, Inc.-
MUMicron Technology0.75
MARKRemark Holdings Inc.-0.07
HALLHallmark Financial Services Inc.-
POLAPolar Power Inc.-0.07
XSPAXpresSpa Group Inc.-
GVPGSE Systems Inc.-0.02

Tuesday, June 30

SymbolNameEPS Estimated
AYIAcuity Brands1.21
MEIMethode Electronics Inc.0.76
GBXGreenbrier Companies Inc. (The)0.14
CAGConagra Brands0.64
SMPLThe Simply Good Foods Company0.19
MLHRHerman Miller Inc.-0.1
SCSSteelcase Inc.-0.14
XELAExela Technologies Inc.-
PEBPebblebrook Hotel Trust of Beneficial Interest-0.85
DPWDPW Holdings Inc.-

Wednesday, July 01

SymbolNameEPS Estimated
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company-
GISGeneral Mills1.05
SCHNSchnitzer Steel Industries Inc.-0.12
STZConstellation Brands1.98
IGCIndia Globalization Capital Inc.-
CPRICapri Holdings0.23
UNFUnifirst Corporation1.16
CULPCulp Inc.-0.16

Thursday, July 02

SymbolNameEPS Estimated
RTWRTW Retailwinds, Inc.-0.04
KFYKorn/Ferry International0.39
LNNLindsay Corporation0.88

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etcon4  -  3 months ago

FedEx report will show how much people is actually buying online, I believe they are going to beat expectations.