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Usage grow on Google's services amid Covid-19 lockdowns

G Suite

G Suite is a set of products and services offered by Google to businesses. These are used from small companies to the Fortune 500. Some popular tools include Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and Drive. Working from home forced many companies to increase their usage of cloud collaboration tools and Google has one of the most complete set of solutions on the market.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-conference application. It's the business-oriented version of Google Hangouts. Google Meet allows teams to make hd video meetings with up to 30 participants. Google Meet integrates with G Suite tools like Calendar, Google Docs and Gmail.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an application oriented to schools and classes dictation for anyone with a Google account. Google Classroom helps students and teachers to connect inside and outside schools, making it easier to distribute assignments and communications. With schools closing all around the world, Google Classroom is taking a big role helping people to continue with their studies at home.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app. It works on smartphones, tablets, Google Nest, and on the web. People need to communicate during the lockdowns around the world, and Google Duo is becoming a popular choice.

Google Play

Google Play is the official Play Store for Android applications. Searches for Google Play Store had a spike that normally is only seen around Christmas. One way or another, billion of persons across the globe are suffering changes to their daily routines because of Covid-19. This creates a need for new applications. Some of the apps with the largest grow in downloads include games, in doors training and meditation.

Google News

Google News is a popular news aggregator application. The spike in searches for the application show how many people are using it for keeping up to date with everything going on.

Google Finance

Google Finance allows users to search and follow business news and financial information. With the recent drop in markets and high-volatility, users are following markets closer than ever.

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etcon4  -  2 months ago

I didn't know Google Duo was still a thing.